Quattro Effe


18/10 stainless steel
food container

Founded in 1978 by two couples of brothers, Donato and Giuseppe Flora, Antonio and Mario Fragnito, Quattro Effe s.r.l. (whose name derives just from the initial letter of four members surname) is located in Molinara, a small town near Benevento, and has been working in stainless steel manufacture industry for 40 years.

From the beginning

the production was based on different kinds of stainless steel products, but from 1983 the firm specializes in the manufacture of several capacities containers for food, particularly for wine, oil and honey.

Technological choices

During years the firm adapted its technological choises to the requirements of the market and so today, thanks to modern TIG welding process, it can produce high quality containers as regards both reliability and sanitary regulations and, as a consequence, it can play an important role not only in the national market but also in the international one.